Our founders history

Lucía and Machi are school friends and share the same profession and passion for business. After working for many years in the corporate world of marketing and advertising, they decided to take the leap and do business on their own. We share with you their experience on this journey and the motivations that led them to follow their dreams.

What motivated you to follow your dreams?

Machi smiles and takes a deep breath.

Machi: I always wished that my professional life would end up in having my own business. I worked, studied hard, my children grew up and I felt strong and confident to take this big step. I also found in Lucia the perfect person to be able to go ahead with this.

Lucia: Since I started working, it was always in my plans to have my own business. But life took me down the corporate path and I had the opportunity to work in excellent companies that trained me as a professional. After many years in this world, I made the "not easy" decision to go my own way and refocus on what I had always wanted.

Why did you choose Dreams of Lavender and not something else?

Lucia: My life was and is very hectic; among work, home, children, etc., I never stop, and I don't complain about this... I like to feel busy and I'm always doing "things". That's why I really look forward to my moments of leisure and enjoy them to the fullest. During those few but refreshing moments of rest we thought - why not create a brand that accompanies you in those moments - that like Machi and I, many women also enjoy.

How do you deal with your personal and family life? Working from home is not easy.

They share a lot of laughs, and open-eyed gestures as if to say, now what?

Machi: Quite well. Life and the zest that one puts into things, make everything flow.  No matter what lies ahead, my goal is to go on and on.

Lucia: Working independently does not mean that you work less but it does mean that you make room for and share more time with your family. One of the reasons I made the decision to go my own way professionally was the desire to be able to manage my time. I 'm not the prototype of the housewife... (both giggle) ... but I put in all my effort, and that's all LOL. As a housewife I am a good entrepreneur LOL.

We would love for you to share an anecdote that you have experienced over the course of these years.

Lucia: Participating with our brand in a wholesale fair in NYC. When we launched the first collection, we had the opportunity to show it to some Panamanian girls who, like us, were looking to do business. This is how the second collection was no longer only sold in Peru, but also in Panama. That contact led to another, with whom we now work on the development of baby clothes for a Panamanian brand. Having already had some experience in exports we applied to a Promperú program that consisted of putting together an exportable proposal and they would provide financing for the fair in the country that we chose. This is how early last year we participated, for the first time, in a fashion fair specialized in sleepwear and lingerie in NY for wholesale customers. For us it was amazing to arrive at this great fair complex with people from all over the world of the fashion industry, super well-known and representing world-renowned brands.... AND US. It was IN-CRE-DI-BLE!