SLOW LIVING "The art of being present"

SLOW LIVING "The art of being present"

The obligation to produce alienates the passion to create. You need to slow down!

It is no longer new that the Slow movement (slow, unhurried, decelerated) has been invading countless segments of our daily lives, so much so that the philosophy has gained a special readjustment in the travel segment (Slow Travel), in gastronomy (Slow food ), and even in fashion (Slow fashion).

The question is: How is your routine, your day to day? accelerated? exhausting? Tired? Why are we adept at these movements individually, but when it comes to living a quieter and less demanding life in general are we so cruel to ourselves?

The Slow Living movement is not a product, you don't have to buy it, you have to feel it.

After all, how to feel the Slow Living experience ?

Slow/Decelerated life rejects the modern belief that faster is always better

Sometimes it's fun to go fast. Some times its necessary. And that is TOTALLY OK.

Slow Living doesn't mean you have to intentionally practice slow micro-movements while making your coffee. Slow Living is a deep belief that faster is not ALWAYS better.

It's living at the RIGHT pace. It's the difference between having lunch while you work or watching a video class and sitting down to dinner with your family.

Efficiency has its place, but all too often efficiency and speed rob our lives of purpose and joy. Choosing to live an intentionally slow life gives us a chance to assess what's important, make conscious decisions rather than habit, and truly experience the moment we find ourselves in.

Quality of Values ​​of Slow Life/Slows Down Over Quantity

More, bigger and faster is a very common modern mantra. The problem is that our undisciplined pursuit of More is making us unhappy, unhealthy, and in debt.

Instead, Slow Living celebrates LESS but BETTER.

Whether it's the Slow Meat Movement that advocates eating less better quality meat or Slow Fashion that emphasizes having fewer pieces made to last, the Slow Movement always puts quality before quantity.

A Slow Lifestyle Gives Time and Space for What Matters

The slow lifestyle intentionally eliminates the non-essentials to make room for what really matters. Instead of looking at Slow Living as something to add to your to-do list, think of Slow Living as a DON'T-TO list.

Slow Living Is Being Intentional With Our Attention

Your attention is your most valuable resource. Stop and pay more attention to yourself.

Slow Life Is Embracing Imperfection

Perfection cannot be associated with physical, emotional or mental exhaustion. Slow Living is about having the proper rhythm.


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